For now we act in 61 cities in Poland. 
We cooperate with many clients, such as CCC, Eobuwie (MODIVO), Wyjątkowy Prezent, Plenti or Philip Morris International - and many many more.

Deliveries are available on application from Monday to Sunday, usually from 8:00 am to 20:00 pm 

We offer 3 types of delivery: 
- express - deliver time is usually 120 minutes from adding time
- time slot - scheduled delivery for example time slot 10-12, 18-20 same day or the next (you can reserve it earlier in app)
- same day delivery - package must be deliver on the same day

In the app you can find 2 types of packages: 
- simple delivery - you have it with yourself on your trunk - such as PMI - you pick up delivery on the app and go straight to the client
- pick - up delivery - first you go to the start location (usually shopping center) pick up packages from the store and deliver to the customer’s address.

Summary of your deliveries is available in the app - with information about earnings. 

What if the client isn’t home? 
1. call him 
2. text him
3. make sure you spend 10 minutes at the delivery address and cancel the delivery* - drop it off at the pick up point with your next pick up.
*only then you will get money for delivery