Xpress →delivery is a courier company that has been providing express deliveries for stores selling goods and services online since 2018. We are characterized by the fact that we deliver orders as soon as possible (often in 90 or 120 minutes). We strive to ensure that the orders delivered by us are distinguished by the fastest delivery time.

We offer 3 types of delivery:
- express - deliver time is usually 120 minutes from adding time
- time slot - scheduled delivery for example time slot 10-12, 18-20 same day or the next (you can reserve it earlier in app)
- same day delivery - package must be deliver on the same day

In the app you can find 2 types of packages:
- simple delivery - you have it with yourself on your trunk - such as PMI - you pick up delivery on the app and go straight to the client
- pick up delivery - first you go to the start location (usually shopping center) pick up packages from the store and deliver to the customer’s address.