After registering an account in our system on the website, in the "Profile" tab, it is necessary to specify the form of settlement. You can choose from the following billing options:

  • by the Partner
  • by your own company

Adding and changing billing data is identical.

1. By the Partner:

  • click the "Select" button, then search for a Partner by their Tax Identyfication Number and confirm their selection. You can find the list of partners recommended by us in the article "Which billing partner to choose?"

After confirming the selection of a given Partner, he will receive your request to join his Fleet. You will be informed by e-mail about the acceptance or rejection of the request to join the Partner's fleet.

Remember! Each billing partner has different conditions for joining their fleet. Positive consideration of the request to connect to a partner depends on meeting the requirements and all other formalities. Before choosing a partner, read their terms and conditions.

2. By Own Company:

  • select the option "Own company" in the Billing Information place and confirm your choice. Then enter all required information of your company and click "Save".

Ready! Your rides will be billed by your company.