You can add a correction to a trip for several reasons:

  •  when the amount for the execution of a given order is not correct (miscalculated distance)
  •  when the dimensions of the package do not match with information in app
  •  when the delivery address was different from the one specified in the order
  •  when the recipient was absent and another attempt was made to deliver the package

Remember to submit only valid corrections!

  •  Each correction is verified separately by an Xpress Delivery employee.
  •  An unjustified correction may be rejected if it is not due.

How to add a correction?

  1. Go to the "Rides" tab in the application
  2. Find the ride for which you are making a correction in the list of completed rides.
  3. Click the pen icon to add a correction.
  4. Select the appropriate reason for the correction you are reporting from the drop-down list.
  5. Complete the required information (provide relevant information related to the execution of the order, describe the situation and, if necessary, attach a photo).
  6. Then click the "Send" button to submit the correction.
  7. After clicking on the pen icon again, you will see the current status of the reported correction


  •  A correction to a given order can be submitted only once in the application.
  •  Only reasonable corrections are accepted.
  •  Acceptance of the correction always takes place before the end of the current billing period.
  •  You will be informed about the acceptance or rejection of the correction in an e-mail and you will receive a notification in the application