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Scheduled orders - time slots
We provide future time slots so you can schedule deliveries according to your daily schedule. Scheduled orders usually include two-hour time slots, but you ...
wt, 31 Sty, 2023 o 2:17 PO POŁUDNIU
Holding up the order
You already know that the execution time in Xpress Delivery plays the most important role, so if there is no recipient or you have agreed with him for a lat...
wt, 31 Sty, 2023 o 4:52 PO POŁUDNIU
Resignation / cancellation of the order
In the application, you have the option of resigning from an uncollected order and canceling/dropping off an already received shipment. Remember, however, n...
pon, 27 Luty, 2023 o 12:02 PO POŁUDNIU
Order with expired time to delivery
Do you see an order in the order market in app that has expired time to delivery? Don't worry about it, if you have the ability to deliver such an order...
wt, 31 Sty, 2023 o 3:48 PO POŁUDNIU
Correction to the ride amount
You can add a correction to a trip for several reasons:  when the amount for the execution of a given order is not correct (miscalculated distance)  when...
pon, 3 Kwi, 2023 o 4:22 PO POŁUDNIU
Package size
In the application, an icon with information on the size and dimensions of the shipment is attached to the order. After clicking on the icon, you can see ad...
czw, 6 Kwi, 2023 o 11:17 RANO
Order settlement details (bonuses, multiplier, etc.)
In the app you can check the payout details of each order you have taken. You just need to go through the following steps: 1. Go to the "Rides" t...
wt, 31 Sty, 2023 o 4:33 PO POŁUDNIU
What if the recipient doesn't have a verification code?
If it so happens that the recipient did not receive the SMS code with the order confirmation and the PIN code for collection, or the verification code does ...
wt, 31 Sty, 2023 o 2:24 PO POŁUDNIU
No label on the package? No QR code? QR code is incorrect?
If there is no label with the QR code on the package you receive, or the code does not work, you can enter the order number in this field.
śr, 1 Luty, 2023 o 12:22 PO POŁUDNIU